•For anyone who missed my recent 90 minute webinar on Growing Blueberries, the webinar has been recorded and is available soon for a limited time period on-demand for $35. The webinar covers everything from plant selection to planting to maintenance to pests to harvest and preservation. Including, of course, the all important getting the soil right and dealing with birds.

•After this webinar, you will be really good at growing blueberries! 

Contact me before 9 am EST August 20, 2020 if you’d like to view the webinar.

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  1. Jane Browne
    Jane Browne says:

    My daughter learned a lot from the blueberry webinar. She was questioning me about compost and mulch. Thought I would come to you for the answers. I have been using leaf compost from my neighbors leaves. Should I just lay it on top or gently work it in the soil about 2 inches. We currently use shredded ceder in our blueberry patch.


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