Feb. 14, 2015
Gardener’s Supply Co.,Burlington, VT
Espalier Fruits
My Weedless Garden

Feb. 15, 2015
Northeast Organic Farming Association of VT, Winter Conference,
Burlington, VT
“Hardy Kiwifruits”
“Compost Tea: Snake Oil or Plant Elixir?”

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  1. alan gorkin
    alan gorkin says:

    Hi Lee,

    Can you enlighten me as to the edibility of Pseudocydonia? We are looking to pant a quince in the center of a radial berry patch, and i like the ornamental quality of pseudocydonia, but don’t know anyone who cooks with it. Also relative susceptibility of it to fireblight vs. Cydonia… Can you help?

    Thanks. alan

    • Lee Reich
      Lee Reich says:

      Not sure about fireblight susceptibility but my guess is that it’s pretty susceptible. I’d put it in the “survival” or “needs plenty of cooking and sweetener to make edible” category.


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