Growing figs in cold climates – webinar

Webinar recording available for online rental: GROWING FIGS IN COLD CLIMATES
•Yes, you can be picking fresh fruit from your own fig tree even if you live in a cold climate. I’ve grown figs for decades, beginning in Wisconsin and now in New York’s Hudson Valley.
•This webinar explores some of the reasons that make growing figs in cold climates possible, such as the plant’s tolerance for various forms of abuse, its unique bearing habit, the fact that it is deciduous, and that it is a subtropical, not tropical, plant.
•Pruning, varieties, harvesting, and, of course, getting the plant through winter are all covered. Also, techniques to get ripening in cool summer climates. Also, how to harvest, even how to speed ripening.
•Cost: $15 for rental period of 14 days.