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  1. Limei
    Limei says:

    Lee, I’ve been following you for a few years, religiously read your blogs weekly, and brought your book as reference when I go shopping for fruit trees. I would love to attend your workshops, on all subjects, but not geologically possible. I live in Vancouver BC.
    Would you consider offering some online courses?

    • Lee Reich
      Lee Reich says:

      Thanks for your interest. I have actually considered it but not sure if I will actually get it together. One possibility is/was a once a month series of different topics appropriate to the month in temperate climates, such as seed-starting one month, pruning another, pest control on fruits, etc. I wonder how much general interest there would be for a course with a fee.

      • Limei Tian
        Limei Tian says:

        That would certainly be appreciated.
        Yes, grafting, pruning/training, pest controls are all great subjects. Subjects on seed starting is easier to find.
        So I hope you can put your acts together and get the online course going 🙂


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