Make your own pear tree; a workshop

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Hi Lee,
    You mentioned in an earlier post the fact that you had some potted pears that you were preparing for winter. Since you clearly have plenty of pear trees in the ground, I was wondering a) why you happened to also be keeping some in pots over multiple seasons, and b) whether it is feasible/advisable to keep a smaller pear tree in a pot for several years? I envision moving (locally) within the next year or two, and was considering buying younger and cheaper trees to keep potted for a few years before planting in the ground. Would this be smart and economical, or just setting myself up for disappointment? If it matters, climate is central mid-Atlantic.

    • Lee Reich
      Lee Reich says:

      I was potting them up for subsequent planting in a year or so. (Also to offer some for sale at my annual garden sale.) You can keep trees in pots for many years with annual root and shoot pruning.


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