Hot off the press!!!! My new book, Grow Fruit Naturally: A Hands-On Guide to Luscious, Homegrown Fruit (The Taunton Press). Grow Fruit Naturally is THE book for you if you want to pick luscious fruit right from your own sunny balcony, suburban lot, or farmden. Sure, growing your own fruit will save money but — even better — your home-grown apples, blueberries, peaches, or oranges will be the best you’ve ever tasted and won’t be doused with toxic sprays. 
Grow Fruit Naturally shows you the way to successfully harvest fruits that are delicious and healthy, with information on over 30 fruits, from temperate to tropical, and how to reap the most of their bounty. Natural growing begins with creating a healthy soil environment for roots and their microbial friends, and choosing the best kinds and varieties of fruits to plant both for top-notch flavor and for pest and disease resistance. Grow Fruit Naturally will lead you from those first steps right through harvesting for peak flavor and storing any excess. Some topics include:
• Planning for growing fruit
• Choosing plants for flavor and pest 
     and disease resistance
• Propagating fruit plants
• Pruning a fruit tree, bush, or vine
• Growing fruit plants in containers
• Avoiding or controlling common pests 
     and diseases naturally
• Storing your bounty
The emphasis here is also on simplicity, guiding you through pruning and other care needed to make growing everything from apples to figs to oranges to pawpaws to strawberries feasible within any constraints of time and space. Grow Fruit Naturally will soon have you harvesting luscious, wholesome fruits outside your own back (or front) door.
 Grow Fruit Naturally is not available through the usual outlets until mid-March. If you’re anxious to get started to heavenly fruitdom, the book is available RIGHT NOW from me, signed, through my website, listed at right.
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  1. sculptorsam
    sculptorsam says:

    I am so looking forward to getting a copy! I ran across Uncommon Fruits for every Garden a couple years back at my local library and it’s one of my favorite gardening/orcharding books I’ve found yet. Glad to discover you have a blog as well, I’ll be checking back frequently.



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